Pictured here is my interpretation of a very ancient symbol.The Ouroboros. The symbol for eternal life.The snake eating his tail.

Available in Sterling Silver & Bronze.

Please indicate your ring size when ordering. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

I originally made these as pinky rings but they can be made up to size 10.

Sterling Silver $120

Bronze $100

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Dragonfly is a Shamanistic creature who

warns us of danger. She represents

creativity, fertility and abundance. She is

a sign that life giving water is nearby. A

fierce protective warrior.

This is a one of a kind medallion made by me personally for the warrior in your life.

This image was inspired by a Southwest

Rock Art Petroglyph. The early indigenous Native

Americans who originally carved these

images believed in their powers, as do I.

Height: 1 5/8”

Width: 1 3/8”

Bronze $160

Free Shipping

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click on image to Purchase